… is my favorite art-history period, but also what I plan for this site. There’ll be a lot of changes as I plan to put up a shop for my art on here. This place will see one or the other review and a few surprises. Stay tuned for 2019!


Instabuy: rOtring 800+


Instabuy: rOtring 800+

rOtring has recently unveiled its new 800 that comes with a “+”. And this might be the most ingenious way to incorporate a rubber-thingy for tactile screens. The point of the mechanical pencil goes THROUGH the rubber. I find this as being not as goofy as most of the rubber-thingy on the top of the cap or the back of the pencil. This is just so elegant.

Doing some work on the blog and more

Especially a change of the theme as the previous one didn’t include a sidebar. But since that is one of second most important things I need, mainly to have a nice blogroll of all the great Pencil and Pen blogs out there! I’ll be updating and categorizing this slowly and hopefully steadily. So if you don’t see a link to your blog, that’s lovely and informative on everything “pencil”, just let me know in the comments.

I’m planning on doing some fun, small give-aways to liven up my blog. More on that next month.

If you have any suggestions on which pencils I should review next please let me know. I’m currently sketching with MONGOLs for a future review. Next will be Koh-I-Noor 1500s.

Breaking news: KUM will launch a new Long Point

Breaking news: KUM will launch a new Long Point

Lexikaliker.de reports that there is a new sharpener coming from KUM. That sharpener will surpass the 19° points possible with the Automatic Long Point too a whooping 17°! Can’t wait to see what they are up to. Head over to Lexikaliker for a nice shot of a comparision between the “old” and new long points.