Kickstarter: Twist Bullet Pencil


Here’s another fun pencil related Kickstarter. The guys at Metal Shop and Huckelberry Woodchuck, the later famous for his vintage bullet pencils on Etsy, have started a tasty Kickstarter: A bullet pencil that is closed and opened with a twist, even the pencil stubs are fastened by twisting them into place. I’m already happy with the stainless steel and black color, but the stretch goals promise some more colors like the shiny blue (my favorite color) you see in the picture. Go ahead and take a look you might like what you see:


Kickstarter: Sticky Page Markers


Yep, still alive! I’ve been busy with my two little ones and was a bit active on the Erasable Community page on Facebook. But beside that school has started again, so I may find more time for reviews again. One little thing I discovered on Kickstarter are these ├╝bercool Sticky Page Markers that can be arranged to a landscape! Love thee concept. Check it out here:

Kickstarter: the SketchyNotebook


Kickstarter: the SketchyNotebook

There are lots of Notebook Kickstarters but only few really retain ones attention. This one seems very interesting as it adds some nifty things to make it stand out from the crowd. The things that made me pull the trigger are the templates you can put under the pages to help you organize or design on your pages. The pages can also be torn out without destroying the integrity of the rest of the notebook. Other cool thing is the possibility to design your own front and back (read: doodle on the notebook and not only in). So as an avid Kickstarter this one had to follow in a long line of pledges.