Month: January 2016

I’ve been busy, but not here.

A late Happy New Year to y’all!! I see that I still get a lot of traffic, like at least 500 visits a month. I thought I’d let this blog a bit to its own to see if people are still interested in pencils. And it shows that eventhough I was silent on here for quite some time, there’s still a lot of folks out there reading into pencils and what comes with it. My main focus was on my family last year. I also tried to boost my Facebook page (about 8700 likes now), but feel that Facebook has become a place for those who are willing to pay to get views and likes, so I recently switched to Instagram to post my drawings. I started a “One painting a day” challenge. So for 366 days I’ll try to do one drawing a day into my Baron Fig (I’ll have to write a review about that one too). So yes, I’ll do some reviews this year, at least one per month if not more, we’ll see. There are also plans for my real own website, but that’s still in the distant future. Hope to “see” you around here. I have some comments to catch up to. Cheers, Gilles