Month: April 2014

Geekery: Pen case by Royal Republiq

I was looking for a nice pen case for my rOtring Trio Lava. And I found this really, really nice leather case. They match perfectly!



New arrival: All three Les Crayons de la Maison Caran d’Ache Edition Pencil Sets

I had bought the third edition that is currently available one or two months ago. I was blown away by those pencils, without having used them once. They are just so brilliantly gorgeous things, thick and heavy, and a very smooth tactile feeling. I won’t use them. Just take them out of their paperbox and contemplate to which extent the simple form factor of a pencil can be a thing of sheer beauty due to the material or lacquer. So having just one set of a series is a bad start for someone like me and I had to have the first and second edition. An extended research on the internet brought up no results at all. Nothing.

So my quest for those editions started, and surprisingly it didn’t take that long to find a shop in Cologne that still had a first and second edition set. I’m now a very happy owner of the whole series and am eagerly awaiting what comes next.